Authentic Leadership Day - Spring Term


Authentic Leadership Day - Spring Term.  Skipton Golf Club.  9am to 3pm

This is a well established  programme of  experiential days which aim to help Headteachers and Senior Leaders to feel more confident and empowered in exploring the challenges of authentic leadership in an ever changing educational climate. We will look at how we manage ourselves and others, accessing the shared wisdom of those present to gain insight inot the situations that participants bring to the group.

The themes will be established by participants, with an opportunity to work on issues relevant to you, alongside like minded colleagues, under the guidance of an skilled external facilitator.

These may include:

· The challenges of holding others to account

· Opportunities to clarify and transform individual leadership challenges

· Understanding the things that block effectiveness in ourselves and others

· Managing difficult conversations  and conflict

· The place of empathy, vulnerability and self esteem in an authentic leaders.

Authentic Leadership days are a leap away from the old style of the invincible leader and an opportunity to share together those things that we all  find challenging day to day. These days will help you recognize and develop your own unique qualities and style of authentic leadership in the company of your peers. You will come away feeling a renewed  sense  of possibilities and confidence.


Date & Time: 
Wednesday, 4 March, 2020 - 09:00